Y Me Visto De Plumas

'And I dress myself with feathers” is a project of photo-video performance materialized not through a photo-videographic studio session, but through a live action open to the public. Conceptually the project raises new questions on the recurrent topic of documentation in live arts and action/performance art in particular.' (+)

And I Dress Myself With Feathers
March 7th 2015, 19h 
An action by Paco Nogales with Manu Segovia
Ignacio Guarderas Merlo - video & Pol Parrhesia - photography
at El Patio De Martín De Los Heros


I Was Here

Facultad de Bellas Artes de la UCM
Dentro del festival AcciónMad14

I was here is a project about the presence and the non.places.
It consist in two parts: 1st: lay out paper notes in different places, with the message: I Was Here and 2nd: the do.It.together movie where while scrolling you create the time yourself and by making it, you share this space with me.

How we socialize and where we are is already a relative subject. 
Becoming obsolete. 
What will be our future mode of communication? 




A Mini Opera for Non-Musicians

videostill: Amparo Marín

Participation in the performance of Franck Leibovici A Mini Opera for Non-Musicians in the
3rd Intensity Day of the exhibition Per/Form CA2M