Good Deal

videostill: Amine El Gotaibi

Video 5’26
May 2015

Good Deal is a site-specific intervention, realized at the beach of Playa Blanca, a little village in the Moroccan shore of the Strait of Gibraltar. A half-open door between Africa and Europe.

Dichotomy Of A Good Deal

Built borderline over the borderline. Divided lives go away. Unique, different, similar, human. The identity of the mass. The mass economy. The patterns. The repetitions. The cycles... We have arrived at the end of the beginning. We are like the stones, marked by the test of time and experience. Our society is changing with the velocity of a rock, consumed by the air, water and wind. We are the nature. We are powerful. We create artificial intelligence while crippling human one. Under development. Constant. Faster. More. Better... The future. The instilled fear is instructing goods for the market. Programmed and precise. The order. Our trace is deleted before we take a footstep.
Is the whimper a form of dialog?


Pasaje Fuencarral 77 / Cuerpo Y Poder

Exposición Cuerpo y Poder
Hasta el 17 de mayo 2015, el pasaje de Fuencarral 77 Madrid, acoge la obra de 84 artistas de 10 países. Tengo el honor de participar con mi última instalación de la Serie Espejos, realizada para y por el espacio. Os invito a visitar este lugar impresionante en el centro de Madrid.

Cuerpo y Poder

Serie Espejos 2011-2015
Instalación Site Specific
Cuerpo y Poder
Comisariada por Almudena Mora
Hasta el 17 de mayo 2015
Herramientas para la convivencia.
Objetos, instalaciones o juegos de ilusión óptica. ¿Óptica o real?
¿En qué punto nuestra percepción tiene una oportunidad de cambiar?


Y Me Visto De Plumas

'And I dress myself with feathers” is a project of photo-video performance materialized not through a photo-videographic studio session, but through a live action open to the public. Conceptually the project raises new questions on the recurrent topic of documentation in live arts and action/performance art in particular.' (+)

And I Dress Myself With Feathers
March 7th 2015, 19h 
An action by Paco Nogales with Manu Segovia
Ignacio Guarderas Merlo - video & Pol Parrhesia - photography
at El Patio De Martín De Los Heros