Good Deal

Site-specific intervention
May 2015
Good Deal is a site-specific intervention, realized at the beach of Playa Blanca, a little village in the Moroccan shore of the Strait of Gibraltar. 
Camera: Amine El Gotaibi
Thanks to: Ismael, Kamal Boulal, Zvezdelina Stoyanova, Halimatou Diallo, Dr G. Schillinger
Dedicated to Blanka Palamós i Claramunt. Realized for her project COSSIC (cos-intervenció-convivència)

While trying out the stiffness of my mold, a group of teens spending the day at the beach decided to take part and intervened, by covering first the bust with seaweed and later, by building over an entire body.

The day I started with the whole line, I was nicely surprised, by the generous help of Ismael. He had arrived from Tangier with some friends to swim, but instead he preferred to stay with me, helping me to fill the mold with sand. We built together 34 pieces.

Dichotomy Of A Good Deal

Built borderline over the borderline. Divided lives goes away. Unique, different, similar, human. The identity of the mass. The mass economy. The patterns. The repetitions. The cycles... We have arrived at the end of the beginning. We are like the stones, marked by the test of time and experience. Our society is changing with the velocity of a rock, consumed by the air, water and wind. We are the nature. We are powerful. We create artificial intelligence while crippling human's one. Under development. Constant. Faster. More. Better... The future. The instilled fear is instructing goods for the market. Programmed and precise. The order. Our trace is deleted before we footstep.
Is the whine a form of dialog?

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