Reed and mirror
Mirror series
2012 ongoing
Cata is a tool, which represents an investigation about perception. It started in 2012 as installation, first shown at Picnic Festival II, Espacio Naranjo / 2013, La New Fair 2014, Sal A La Calle Festival and FFFF: Flow&Focus Fast Forward (RE)CIVILIZATION Residence / 2015.

Nowadays the idea was transferred on a handmade, unique and numerated piece of reed.

I’ve created this place here with the longing to put in common our impressions, so we could one day, explain and understand what exactly happens in our brains and why and how we feel so moved by the unexpected eye which intimidate us.

Here are some shared impressions, sent to me beforehand:

Something happens when I see myself – when I look myself in the eye…healing…enlightenment?…acknowledgement…when I first looked through the ‘kal-eye-see-scope’, I felt something stir, come alive within and I felt I was able to value myself…‘ / Felicity Lamb

To see my own eye looking back was something unexpected, slightly shocking, and in that moment I recognized all the thresholds I’d passed through, all the pain and delight, all the loneliness; in short, all that life is was reflected in that moment. I admit it wasn’t easy; I felt a sadness but at the same time a recognition of the importance of all we’d all been through, and the call to keep working on this level for the good of myself and those around me.‘ / Henry Fletcher

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