• loud silence stop

    Video 9’09 / 2016
    Loud Silence Stop is an experimental video piece, built with footage from Lydia Heath's performance Over & Over (The Form of the Sphere) and other film and sound footage, realized during the spring 2016, Bee Time Artist Residency in Santa Lucia, Southern Andalucia. //// Performs: Lydia Heath Music by Rudi Wienand

    I perceive the eight-shaped waggle dance as Möbius' strip. Infinity. Oneness. I overlap the image with little everyday gestures, part of beekeeper's tasks. I'm bothered by the pureness of the white suit. Sterilized protection. Research in outer space. In a slow pace, both images gradually join together till they fade away.
  • dos

  • I was here

    2014 - web film
    I was here is a project about presence and non.places.
    It consist in two parts:
    1st: lay out paper notes in different places, with the message: I Was Here (presented at AcciónMad14) and
    2nd: this do.It.together movie where while scrolling you create the time yourself and by making it, you share this space with me.

    How we socialize and where we are is already a relative subject. Becoming obsolete. What will be our future mode of communication?