About me

Pol Parrhesia [Polina Stoynova Pol – BG 1978] works within the field of visual and action art, aiming to create an experience of the invisible. She investigates the subtle braking point in which perception has an opportunity to change. Formed in fine arts, graphic design and audiovisual, her work takes shape in the creation of objects, spaces and contexts for intimacy, curatorship and cinematography.

Since 2016 she collaborates in the sociocultural and educational project of the neighborhood association ‘Pedro Esquivel’ in Santa Lucía (Cádiz) and begins her study of natural beekeeping in the Apijanda Learning Community. Together with Karmit Even-Zur and Jorge Gallardo she co-creates and develops Bee Time Artist Residencies.


Technologies Of The Self, Selected Works 2010/2015 – by Anto Lloveras / May 2015

2016 ongoing - Co-founder and developer of BEETIME Artist Residencies
2013 ongoing - Cinematography for Spanish filmmaker Ignacio Guarderas Merlo
2011-2015 - Pradera93 - Co-founder of the space - Art As Life Resistance / Madrid

2016 - ongoing - Beetime Artist Residency / Santa Lucía - Vejer de la Frontera, Spain
2015 - FFFF: Flow&Focus Fast Forward (RE)CIVILIZATION curated by SinQuenza / Nijmegen NL
         - Résidence Playa Blanca by Amine el Gotaibi / Tangier Marroco

2015 - Body and Power Exhibition - Curator: Almudena Mora / Fuencarral 77, Madrid
2014 - AcciónMad14 Encuentro de arte de acción / Madrid
         - Sal A La Calle 4 Festival - Festival de Arte Participativo / Fuenlabrada Madrid
         - La New Fair, curated by Semíramis González
2013 - Open House Naranjo
         - Ellas crean para todxs - BokAcción  & CSA Barrio Tiétar - La Adrada
2012 - Pic-Nic Acciones en el campito / Bok-Acción
2010 ongoing - LAPIEZA

2010 - Pure-Za Re-Boot - Painting & Sculpture - Filmtheatre Lumière / Maastricht NL
2004 - Sketches - Exhibition hall Caja Rural, Toledo ES