Vision game

Ceramics & mirrors
The distance between the centers of the two mirrors is equal to the distance between the eyes of the observer. The image each one obtains of himself will depend on his psychological and physiological state and therefore changes in real time as our state of mind and intention change.

By moving the mirrors horizontally without stopping looking at ourselves, we obtain the effect of binocular disparity, thanks to which we see in three dimensions and we will be able to observe three or four more mirrors, apart from the two in which we see our eyes reflected.

Based on the stereopsis, reflecting this human capacity on our own eyes, this tool-like game allows us to open a window that reveals our power to change perception.

With Abel Loureda in Matsu, Agust 2014 - Photo: Ana Matey

Working with different prototypes during the years, exploring, testing and talking with people about, I have finally came to live in a place which Saint’s representation was bringing a new hint to the idea. Santa Lucia, a little village in Southern Andalusia known for the abundance of water and wild life, which rivers crosses the land as our arteries the body. Nourished by a natural spring coming from the upper village La Muela, the streams marks the landscape and the social one, forming a peculiar ecosystem...

Descartes' diagram and Santa Lucia de Siracusa

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