Reed and mirror
Mirror series
2012 ongoing
A common telescope, whose optics are replaced by a mirror, which allows one to discover one's own eye in an attempt to explore the far side up close.

Something happens when I see myself – when I look myself in the eye…healing…enlightenment?…acknowledgement…when I first looked through the ‘kal-eye-see-scope’, I felt something stir, come alive within and I felt I was able to value myself…‘ / Felicity Lamb
To see my own eye looking back was something unexpected, slightly shocking, and in that moment I recognized all the thresholds I’d passed through, all the pain and delight, all the loneliness; in short, all that life is was reflected in that moment. I admit it wasn’t easy; I felt a sadness but at the same time a recognition of the importance of all we’d all been through, and the call to keep working on this level for the good of myself and those around me.‘ / Henry Fletcher

Cata is an investigation on perception. It started in 2012 as installation, first shown at Picnic Festival II, Espacio Naranjo / 2013, La New Fair 2014, Sal A La Calle Festival and FFFF: Flow&Focus Fast Forward (RE)CIVILIZATION Residence / 2015. The idea was transferred on a serie of 100 handmade, unique and numerated pieces of reed.

The Sense Of Life 4.0
Telescope and mirror - 26x6cm
Serie Espejos

/// The game of habit evokes reflection and puts into test our way of thinking and seeing. The unconscious. THE LIFE 4.0 takes reference from our actual world, highly technological, that turns us into the 'makers' of our Reality and, through simple everyday objects, expresses the idea of the Zone from Tarkovski, where the environment is created by our state of mind. We are responsible and our 'I' is the mirror of the world that surrounds us and vice versa. This Installed Construction brings up another forth dimension where we are invited to be surprised and find our-selfs.

/// El juego de la costumbre pone a prueba y reflexión nuestra forma de pensar y ver. El inconsciente. LA VIDA 4.0 hace referencia a nuestro mundo actual, altamente tecnológico, que nos convierte en los ‘hacedores’ de nuestra Realidad y a través de simples objetos cotidianos, plantea la idea de la Zona de Tarkovski donde el ambiente se crea a partir de nuestro estado de animo. Somos responsables y nuestro Ser es el espejo del mundo que nos rodea y viceversa. Esta Construcción Instalada plantea otra cuarta dimensión en la que somos invitados a sorprendernos y encontrarnos.

photo: croonenvorm 2015 / Nijmegen

La New Fair 2014 / Madrid
the smallest prototype / Taller con Zvezda, Toledo 2014
photo: Joaquin Gamo 2013 / Naranjo / with the permission of Llavata family


FFFF: Flow&Focus Fast Forward (RE)CIVILIZATION
Artist-In-Residence Project and exhibition curated by SinQuenza
Cultureel Terras De Kaaij, Nijmegen NL

Festival Sal A La Calle - Centro Tomás y Valiente / Fuenlabrada
La New Fair, comisariada por Semíramis González para La New Gallery

OpenHouse Naranjo, comisariado por Andrés Montes - Espacio Naranjo

Festival PICNIC 2 - BokAcción - Cadalso de los Vidrios

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