Purpose is still and active at the same time.
Collective is grounded.
Context tango walks around.
The Individual explores itself.

Communication is silent.
Resilience dances in search of balance.
Environment is worried about the Collective.
The Context responds to the scream of Resilience.

Collective enjoys its observation.
Feedback Response is joyful and playful.
The Social follows her in an intent to dance.
Communication’s clap is echoed by the Context.

The Individual explores itself.
Then tries to join the tapping Purpose and back again into itself.

Rolling on the ground the Purpose is happy.
Once calm it is contagious for others.
Environment waters the elements.

The Social, Communication and Feedback gather together. Context too.

Laughter starts with Resilience.

The Collective reaches for Purpose.

Purpose and the Individual hold hands.

Live Notes from an Environmental Constellation with Andrew Zionts
October 2018, Vejer de la Frontera, Spain


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